Uncle-DOS on August 28th, 2013

暑假差不多完結了,今晚一股作氣,整理了13/14學年由FS1至DS4 家長群組的名單,發佈了新學年的年曆表連結。



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4 Comments on 整理真道書院家長Facebook群組

  1. Joyce Wong says:

    Hi, Uncle Dos,

    I’m the new parent of FS1 this academic year (13-14).
    Can I add to the FB group?
    Many thanks!

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  2. Uncle-DOS says:

    Please apply the group first
    (13/14 FS1)

    After that, I will send a confirmation private message from facebook for verification.

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  3. frances says:

    hi, my son will be a student of FS1 2014/2015. can i join your logoz facebk gp? thx

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  4. Uncle-DOS says:

    Dear Frances,
    Due to privacy, the groups are only opened for the parents in current academic year.

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