Uncle-DOS on February 8th, 2009


9 Comments on 下學期開始,仔仔在學校開始學日文

  1. yiu_mimi says:

    仔仔學日交是上甚麼課的時候學呢? 是課外活動嗎?

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  2. Uncle-DOS says:

    長週的課堂, 最尾的一節是一小時的課外活動時間, 相信他是在那一節上的.

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  3. yiu_mimi says:

    想起一班小朋友 a i u e o 學日文都幾得意

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  4. sillymom says:

    Very good. I am also fluent in Japanese ga. よろしくね。 but my girls don’ t want to learn from me. only phrases in everyday life. I guess i can chat with your son instead :) BTW, I want to ask you how to find out whether a particular school may have used up its lucky draw quotas in Part 2, 1st choice. If not, I don’t know if I am being conservative or not in 2nd, 3rd choices. (they might be all popular ones?!) I will end up in a school of…9th, 10th! scary. おねがい。

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  5. sillymom says:

    To share a chinese website where u can mail order kiddy books in Japanese RMB10 each, courrier cost is minimal. worth trying. (i used it before for english books) : http://www.qzybooks.com/jpts.a.....opicid=034

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  6. Uncle-DOS says:


    回答你的問題先, 你可以看小學概覽, 看每所小學每級人數及班數, 可以略知學校有多少學生情況了.

    以14校網, 你可以照排的, 因為競爭比其他區又不是太激烈, 建議第五志願起, 要保守了.

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  7. hyatt says:

    oh, my son is also interested in learning japanese!! he attended his trial course in la beaumont last week!

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  8. WHJ says:

    Hi, Happy I can see you here, and visit your webpage as your webpage is full of infomation.


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  9. Uncle-DOS says:


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